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Meet our fellows!

Edgar Ortuno

Leonardo Vilchis-Zarate

David Udell

Johnathan Barreto

mmuf-orientation-9Angelica Ibarra

mmuf-orientation-3Tevin Phan Bui

Major: Global Studies
Mentor: Steven Brint, Sociology
Project: Understanding University’s Translation of Ideas into Practice
I am researching how UC Riverside developed some of its practices and the actors who participated.


mmuf-orientation-4Lissa Dechakul

Major: Philosophy
Mentor: Georgia Warnke, Political Science
Project: I am looking at Plato’s soul/body dualism and transgender memoirs to investigate the idea of a gendered soul.

mmuf-orientation-2Mirella Deniz-Zaragoza

Major: Sociology
Ellen Reese, Sociology
A Family of Unequals: The Hierarchical Formation of Grimmway Farm
My project looks at the inequality of workplace relationships with growers and farmworkers in order to explore the ethical implications of the current organization of the agriculture industry.

mmuf-orientation-1Josh Hueth

Major: English
Sherryl Vint, English
Cosmic Selection: Darwin’s Legacy in Cosmic Horror
I use Evolutionary theory to analyze the function of cosmic horror narratives.

mmuf-orientation-9Hugo Cervantes

Major: English & Art History
Mentor: Jennifer Doyle, English
Project: My project focuses on the ephemeral Utopian and transgressive affect evoked in certain kinds of spaces.

mmuf-orientation-7Jazmine Exford

Majors: Linguistics & Spanish
Mentor: Covadonga Lamar-Prieto, Hispanic Studies
Project: Vienbenidos a San Juan: On The Pronunciation of Spanish Grapheme V.
This research investigates the allophones of Spanish phoneme /b/ in San Juan, Puerto Rico to see if there is a correlation between English language dominance and labiodental production.

mmuf-orientation-8Ariana Elizalde

Major: Public Policy
Mentor: Fred Moten, English
Project: My project examines the relationship between eugenics and public policy.

mmuf-orientation-6Lili Ramirez

Major: Anthropology & Spanish
Mentor: Jennifer Najera, Ethnic Studies
Project: Intersecting Identities: The Coming Out Experiences of UndocuQueer Students
I am interested in questions regarding identity formation specifically by examining the coming out experiences of undocumented queer students from Southern California.

romeroCynthia Romero

Major: Spanish & Chicano Studies
Mentor: Covadonga Lamar-Prieto, Hispanic Studies


Congratulations to our 2016 MMUF fellows! We are proud to welcome Tevin Bui, Lissa Dechakul, Mirella Deniz-Zaragoza, Josh Hueth, and Hugo Cervantes to the Mellon family. Special thanks to our mentors Steven Brint, Georgia Warnke, Ellen Reese, Sherryl Vint, and Jennifer Doyle and everyone who attended the welcome dinner.

Congratulations to our 2015 MMUF fellows! We are proud to welcome Ariana Elizalde, Jazmine Exford, Eddie Franco, Lili Ramirez, and Cynthia Romero to the Mellon family. Special thanks to our mentors Jennifer Hughes, Chris Laursen, Fred Moten, Covadonga Lamar Prieto, and everyone who attended the welcome dinner.