Undergraduate Program Overview

Here’s why you should apply!

The MMUF program includes:

Sustained and focused one-on-one mentoring by a UCR faculty member guides an in-depth student-driven research project.

The core of the MMUF program is research. Each Fellow participates in a summer research program, pursues a personal research project, and receives travel & materials money for research.

A Writing Specialist provides feedback on research projects and assists with graduate school applications, CVs, and other writing.

Graduate School Applications
The MMUF Program provides GRE preparation and assists with evaluating, choosing, applying for graduate schools.

Teaching Experience
Each Fellow has the opportunity to teach an R’Course in their second year of the program. Fellows receive help with curriculum development and feedback on teaching.

Weekly Seminars
Fellows meet in seminar on a weekly basis to develop graduate school application materials, meet UCR faculty members, graduate students and visiting lecturers. Topics range from academic life and research to workshops on presentation skills, research, and academic careers.

Fellows have the opportunity to interact informally one-on-one with visiting lecturers and presenters to develop interpersonal communication skills. Fellows also present papers at conferences and publish papers in undergraduate research journals.

Community & Culture
The MMUF Program includes extracurricular campus events, and field trips to museums, archives, festivals and cultural events.